Sylvan Glen Scriptorium
The  SCA Shire of Sylvan Glen which  is
located in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc.
Mundanely it is centered in Martinsburg,
West Virgina. The scriptorium is comprised
of  a
group of shire artists who have an
interest in designing and creating awards
based primarily on the illumination
techniques of the middle ages !
Resources found on the
Menu below this box are
things that are
FREE for
SCA use courtesy of our
pieces blank
and filled from
Special Scriptorium Projects.
Illumination Resources Exemplars
Illumination Lessons
Patron Saints (inc.
name day saints)
Kievan, Rus, and Slavic Illumination
This is the online version of my class
hand out from Pennsic 35
Click here to see
Scroll Cases
Produced For the
Pennsic Give Away
Gutenburg School ...Some good
beginning scribal lessons!
Meisterin Katarina Helene von
Schönborns' Whitework 101
Heraldry For Scribes
Medieval Calligraphy
Medieval Manuscript
Manual  Click on
Table of Contents
Ancient Appearance
Scribal Abbreviations
Advanced Scribal
Color Theory for
Flowers by Formula
Analyzing a Style
Acanthus Whitework
Whitework Bar Tips
Leopolis Ukrainian Art
Hungarian...  Click
on Yellow Dots
Bodleian Manuscripts
German Manuscript
A Hungarian Archive
British Library Online
French National Archive
Lithuanian Manuscripts
(includes Polish)
Hagiography data base
Morgan Library
Maciejowski Bible
Medieval Macabre
Art Russia
Schoyen Collection
Gutnburg School
Resource Links!
An Atlantian
Collection of
Witcombe Art
History Great
Example Links
Including Russian
The Hermatige
Museum Russia  
(look for English
language option)
Web Gallery of Art
NYPL Online Archives
Enter Illumination and
NYPL Russian Illumination
Black Hours
Middle Eastern Manuscripts
Armenian Illumination
Serbian Illumination
Great Russ/Slavic Exemplars
Hungarian Exemplars
Picture catalog of many
exemplars! Slavic, Greek, &
Seljuk Illumination
A great
exemplar list
from Lochoc
Galleries of our work !
Some Bosnian examples
This page is hosted and maintained by
Lady Marija Kotok for The Sylvan Glen
Scriptorium. If you need to get a hold
of any of us please email at
Places to Shop for Scribal Goodies & Supplies !
Aethelmearc Scribal College
Tracers are Blanks!
Click here to see the scrolls given at Seige of Glengary 2008
Examples of what we
produce in our Classes !
Scrolls created for
Thrown Weapons Use
We are proud to
annouce that the
Scriptorium as a
whole was honored
with a Sycamore at
War Practice May
to see award text click here